Saturday, October 17, 2015

This is the man that runs our country

Published on 12 Mar 2015 Even the English news papers are possible laughing at our idiotic leader and his attempts to belittle another elected person. For that's what it is - an attempt to besmirch a person that has been elected by many to represent them. Our national leader is supposed to be the highest person in the country as setting examples. what example has he set? What message - what image has he created? Thats its ok not to be accommodating, that its ok to be stubborn and uncommunicative with those that have difficulties in understanding? . Mr Kenny is supposed to be trying his best to communicate to his people - ALL people. By deliberately being unwilling to accommodate others when unfortunate event happens with equipment - and he further obstinate and downright insulting to boot - these are not the characteristics that should be in a national leader. They are certainly not characteristics that should be in any leader or any elected representative. He not only let Ireland down - he let himself down badly. . Mr Kenny's refusal to try better communicating with elected representatives could also be seen as a low attempt to degrade another person and their abilities or lack there of. Its simply disgusting behaviour - especially from the person standing elected, supposed to be leading us all. He should go back to his teaching post and try learning some decency and manners. He exhibited none when refusing to communicate better to all those present that obviously was even willing to listen to him.